The Jack Duncan Band (the JDB) is a high energy, in-your-face infusion of both rock and blues, playing Stevie Ray Vaughan [Rude Mood] and Led Zeppelin [Celebration Day] shows. We recently created these two unique, tribute-style shows to capture the energy and experience of the originals, yet continue to be ourselves and add our own take on each song – especially live!

The JDB formed this band to simply play music we’ve enjoyed for years. Each of the band members bring unique talents helping to create an ”experience” centered around the essence of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zeppelin.


  • Captivating. Authentic.TD
  • If you close your eyes and just imagine you’re there! It’s phenomenal how much they sound like the original bands.SM
  • I was absolutely floored when I heard them for the first time! Very talented.JD

Band Members

Jack Duncan



Mike Howell




Seth Dichard

Lead Vocals (Celebration Day)


Tim Donaghy

Guitarist & Lead Vocals (Rude Mood)


Alexis Dabilis

Keyboardist (Rude Mood)

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